#RooibosRecipe: Green Smoothie

Our brand new, innovative green rooibos powders are the perfect daily dose of immune boosting superfoods to add to your favourite drinks or snacks. It’s an ideal instant mix for shakes and smoothies or simply sprinkle over your cereal. Great for baking or cooking too! Here’s delicious, easy to make smoothie recipe for you to try.


1 cup baby spinach

1 green apple cored

1 banana frozen (or add a few ice cubes)

125ml (half cup) plain full cream yoghurt

2 TBS Green Rooibos Powder

Honey to taste

Optional: 3-6 ice cubes

1. Place the yoghurt, baby spinach, apple, banana, Green Rooibos Powder and honey (plus ice cubes if preferred) in a blender and blend until smooth. Dilute with some water if preferred. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!