The Carmién tagline ‘Growing Goodness’ refers to the commitment to always deliver a product that are of the highest quality and exceed the expectations of our clients across the globe. The entire process from growing the product in the fields to developing the best taste and flavour are all controlled by strict processes and measures. In order to keep a consistent quality and best flavour we adhere to the following certifications and get audited by all these certification bodies on a regular basis.


Carmién is committed to quality products, freshness and exceptional taste. We ensure a high-quality, innovative range of natural rooibos and blended products.


Carmién is committed to the well-being of its workforce and local communities. More than 600 farm worker shareholders and their family members are direct beneficiaries of our rooibos sales.


Carmién is committed to the well-being of its customers and their loved ones. Products are produced according to international food safety regulations. Our aim is to offer a wide variety of healthy rooibos products with functional benefits.


Carmién is committed to keeping its farms and work methods earth-friendly and safe. Environmental & socially just and sustainable farming and processing practices.