Carmen Niehaus x Carmién Tea Rooibos Cooking Boxes

Carmen Niehaus exciting new Rooibos Tea Cooking Boxes will show you step by step how to make rooibos part of your spice cupboard.

Well-known chef and cookbook writer Carmen Niehaus has been a Carmién Tea partner for many years, developing delicious recipes with rooibos. Carmen grew up on a farm and this is where her love for cooking started. With a degree in Home Economics from Stellenbosch University, she became food editor for South Africa’s largest magazine, Huisgenoot & YOU at the age of 27, the youngest in the magazine world. For 32 years she developed recipes and styled images for the magazine’s food pages.

When her twin sister Mientjie Mouton launched Carmién Tea and range upon range of innovative, flavourful blends were developed, it wasn’t long before rooibos tea became more than just a cup of tea enjoyed at 11 or 4 o’clock. Rooibos tea also works beautifully as a palette cleanser with food and wine and today food and wine pairings have become tea, food and wine pairings hosted with great success by Carmién. Carmen was already experimenting with rooibos tea and her creativity and desire to add a healthier angle in all her cooking led to rooibos becoming a key ingredient in her recipes.

The twins were now twinning with rooibos tea!

Carmen’s natural love for creating recipes with rooibos is culminating in launching this brand new, exciting collaborative concept with Carmién Tea, two Rooibos Tea Cooking Boxes. Inside each box are delicious newly developed recipes by Carmen plus the teas required to prepare the dishes. According to Carmen, One simple rule applies: green rooibos blends work best with savoury dishes while the red blends do justice to anything sweet and in salad dressings. You are in for a treat!

Two boxes are available:

The Floral & Fruity Box adds subtle, sweet, almost perfume notes to a dish. Inside this box are four teas from our Fruit & Herbal Infusions range and four newly developed recipes that will give new meaning to the term ‘delicious food’.

The Spice It Up Box adds lots of extra flavour and spiciness to each dish, be it savoury or sweet dishes. Five newly developed recipes and five teas from our Wellness range are bound to make you look at spicing food differently in future.


If you are passing by or live close to Citrusdal, join Carmen on 17 September or 1 October at our Carmién Tea Shop at De Tol Farm Deli. She will be serving some tasters from each cooking box on a first come first served basis – completely free of charge! The tasting will be from 11 am so make sure you get there before they run out. Contact 067 410 3315 for queries.