Tea Trends on TikTok

“Let’s go for a coffee,” – potentially the most dreadful statement that tea-producing companies have heard used most frequently in this world. The typically business-casual statement for any meeting seems to precede the aforementioned phrase that challenges tea producers internationally. Luckily, it seems the tides are changing in the benefit for tea companies such as our family at Carmién.

In this current age post-pandemic and recession, we are finding more consumers feeling the urgent need to fulfill personal indulgences, even if it is within the confines of one’s home. With this being said, consumers have been unwittingly directly teamakers such as ourselves to key indicators through one, simple app – TikTok. As a hyper-interactive social medium for video-based content, TikTok has highlighted 5 trends in the overall consensus of tea and coffee consumers that ring true to the innovation within rooibos, as well as our company’s offerings for building accessible, appealing, and aesthetically functional tea breaks.

  1. Treat yourself with the best tea station at home. It is mentioned by the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal that consumers wish to simulate their outings in cafes at home, due to the increase of remote workers that cannot break free during lunchbreaks or afford the time and expenses of traveling to boutique spots. Luckily, our teaware and accessories make us an immediate Plan A for a tea station.
  2. Trust the tea your spilling online. Our attempts at TikTok trending tags or ‘for you page’ trends have been comical, to appeal even more to what is significant to consumers; a brand that is in tune with the times through its lighthearted, relatable communication. Which, in itself is significant – TikTok is already a volatile yet sensitive app to navigate. With a built-in algorithm that measures which content users are engaging with, similar content then gets pushed onto your followers’ feed.
  3. A pocket full of tea-time. The other trends to take note of are the dissolvable tea pockets that are slow-melting, infusions of flavour into your tea/coffee beverages. Within this trend, we can see our tea strainer being perfectly tailored for the loose-leaf taste pockets that may grow into more visually tactile experiences. This immersion is highly attributed to the rise of boba teas, premium tea blends, and herbal botanicals that slowly infuse into boiled water.
  4. One red latte, please. One noteworthy trend that our caffeine-free rooibos perfectly captures, is the growth of interest in tea lattes due to the broader array of colours and taste profiles for non-coffee drinkers.
  5. A Vanilla decaf oat milk frap on ice, please. Within this trend, we see our Flavour Infusions and Specialty Rooibos to be the ultimate of glories – as typical flavour profiles found within our specialty rooibos tie into foodservice-imitating, signature products. Our tea products such as Vanilla, Caramel, Earl Grey, Cookies & Cream; to simply name a few.

As technology grows and continually educates stakeholders in consumer-dependent fields, Carmién remains committed to continually innovating and repurposing meaningful approaches to our supportive families across the globe.


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