Rooibos Tourism

The Rooibos region is experiencing an influx of tourists as a result of the recent protected designation of origin (PDO) certification. As the first African food to be approved by the EU, its PDO status joins the ranks of foods such as gorgonzolaParmigiano-Reggianofeta, cognac and champagne which can only be labelled as such if they come from the designated region.

This status, plus the hyper health focus of COVID-19, has led to an:

“The registration of Rooibos as a PDO in the EU last year has created more awareness among the large tea-drinking nations in Europe of the origins of Rooibos and that it is unique to and only grows in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape,” said Adele du Toit, spokesperson for the SA Rooibos Council (SARC).

“Most of these tea estates are 100+ years old, so staying there and learning about its history, tea culture and heritage is a unique experience in and of itself. When you go on a tea tour, a whole new world starts to unfold. It takes you inside a century-old community that has been farming and processing tea for generations.”

Tea tourism is no longer a mere sightseeing trip. More and more interest is shown in the Rooibos tea-making process, from how the plant is grown and harvested to its cultural and historical significance.

Carmién Tea, being a producer, exporter and manufacturer, offers tea direct from the farm providing customers and clients with a very real rooibos experience. Our most recent tourism attractions are two Carmién tea shops, offering the full product range and our popular tea tasting and pairing experiences.

Our local tea shop at the De Tol Farm Deli on the Piekenierskloof Pass ( N7 to Citrusdal) is rich in history and an essential stop if you are planning a trip to Namaqualand to enjoy the annual wildflower spectacle. The Carmién Tea shop at Feines Fine Foods Deli (267 Main Road) in Sea Point, Cape Town brings this farm-to-cup experience to all our city tea lovers and tourists.

Whether you are passing through the mother city or exploring the dirt roads of the beautiful West Coast, we have a relaxing tea stop and a host of unique experiences to add to your memories.