Our top-selling Rooibos teas

The growing trend towards healthy eating, more fresh produce, natural ingredients and functionality are proving increasingly important to consumers. More home cooking and more conscious food choices were a by-product of the pandemic, especially by younger consumers around the world. Ethically sourced and sustainably produced products are also showing faster growth than those not marketed as sustainable.

We see this same trend reflected in our South African consumers with the need for healthy, functional teas that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. Tea drinking has become a mindful act of self-care focused on specific health benefits. Consumers increasingly want to grab convenient, ready-to-drink or on-the-go drinks to match their busy lifestyles with a focus on new, innovative flavours and functional flavour fusions.

Let’s take a look at our top-selling rooibos teas, all packed in biodegradable teabags:

Our top-selling functional, immune-boosting tea. Boost contains ginger, still one of the top 10 functional (having medicinal properties) herbs consumed around the world and well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Added Vit C and zinc aid metabolic function and boost the immune system. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect body cells against the effects of free radicals that may cause cancer.

Fenugreek and Fennel, the number one consumed herb to increase breast milk supply.

  • RelaxWellness range

A calming rooibos and chamomile blend. Chamomile remains one of the top 10 herbs consumed around the world for relaxation or restless sleep problems.

“Earl Grey’s exotic fragrance provides built-in aromatherapy to your cup”. Earl grey tea is one of the most recognized teas in the world with bold aromas of bergamot orange, lemon and a little grapefruit.

The soothing, creamy vanilla flavour beautifully compliments the natural aroma and taste of rooibos.

  • Focus – Wellness range

A deliciously spicy blend of rooibos and masala chai spices. Turmeric is still one of the top 5 consumed herbs in herbal teas around the world.

A fragrant, refreshing, calming blend of green rooibos and rose petals with a delicate rose flavour reminiscent of Turkish Delight. Green rooibos is higher in antioxidants as it does not go through the fermentation process, hence even better for boosting the body’s natural defence against free radicals.

  • Caramel – Flavour infusion range

Popular caramel flavours compliment the naturally sweet aroma of rooibos very well.

A calming blend of rooibos, black cohosh, lemon balm, lavender and CBD. Great for relieving anxiety.

Cold brew teas are some of our new, on-trend innovations. The perfect tea-on-the-go, bold in flavour and naturally sweetened with no added sugars. Simply pop a teabag into your bottle of cold water and infuse.

Fruity teas remain very popular around the world as seen in the Herbal & Fruit Infusion Trends 2022/23 with other ingredients also reflected in our rooibos blends.

  1. Peppermint
  2. Ginger
  3. Chamomile
  4. Red fruits
  5. Turmeric