Our Nursing tea takes the gold at the AVPA Paris Awards

Need any more reasons to buy our popular Carmién Nursing Tea?

We recently received the much sought-after Gourmet Gold award for our Nursing tea at the AVPA Awards. The AVPA (Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products) jury of professionals makes an annual selection from among the registered products to award products selected in each category, a “Gourmet Paris Product” diploma, and then for the best of them it awards one of three medals: “Gourmet Gold”, “Gourmet Silver” or “Gourmet Bronze ”.

We are most grateful for this recognition and especially, the impartial opinion of taste professionals in the French market. Every mother thinks her baby is the best and most beautiful, so it is heart-warming when that opinion, in this case, of our Nursing tea, is validated. At the same time, we thank the host of new and existing moms supporting us.

Carmién Nursing is an effective blend of Rooibos, Fennel, Fenugreek and Aniseed that stimulates and increases milk production. The combination of Fenugreek, Fennel and Aniseed work together to increase milk production. Fennel is also antiseptic and helps with digestion. Rooibos is caffeine, sugar and kilojoule free and will assist in weight loss.

Just a side note: you don’t have to be a mom to enjoy our Nursing tea! The Aniseed and added Vanilla flavouring give a smooth, slightly liquorice flavour that is delicious and enjoyed hot or as an iced tea for all.