Organic Quality Auditing at Carmién

Our team focuses on developing goodness experienced in the quality of our recipe development, flavour profiles, and combination of rooibos-based tea blends in our range. With that being said, our annual audits for organic production took place in March with astounding results. Our Quality Control manager, Ilze Bruwer, stated the following regarding our Organic Audits:

“We are proud to have had our annual organic audits for the following standards USDA (Organic Agriculture USA), JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and EOS (EU organic regulation, (EU) 2018/848). These certifications guarantee that Carmién Tea, Bergendal Rooibos and all our certified organic farmers conform to the following:

  1. climate and environmental protection
  2. conservation of soil fertility
  3. preservation of biodiversity
  4. respect for natural cycles and animal welfare
  5. absence of use of chemical and synthetic products
  6. absence of GMO
  7. transparent labelling for consumers

Record keeping and certification standards are important components in organic farming without which the produce can not be sold as certified organic. Our well-trained and dedicated staff proved once again, that hard work pays off. Well done team, for completing the audits.”

What does this mean for Carmién? Well, it purely reaffirms that our processes, farmers, practices, and products are assured organic safety. This rings true for our rooibos products namely our Organic 20s, and our various other products that fall under this category which are certified (click here to see all of our certificates ensuring our expert quality). We are immensely proud to see that not only do we commit to goodness, but our employees do, too!