News from the Farm: January 2023

January is synonymous with rooibos harvesting, clearing the tea fields of unwanted weeds and cleaning all the machinery that will be used during harvesting. Scorching hot days make it very uncomfortable for workers to clean the fields. While some cooling rain in December brought relief and a last growth boost for the rooibos plants, it also encouraged weeds and foreign matter, which must be cleared out again by hand.

Years of harvesting annually play out this same dichotomy: it is unbearably hot for man but great for drying the newly harvested tea. And the tea is looking good… As always, there is only so much man can do and we are grateful for every good crop. Depending on the size of crop to be harvested, harvesting can sometimes continue till early April.

In the nursery preparation for the next batch of seedlings fill the days while sufficient irrigation is required to combat the dry heat to ensure optimum moisture for good growth.