New year, new gut!

The innovation that is our Gut rooibos is one that is akin to scientific breakthrough. With countless developments and studies conducting concluding that one’s gut microbiome’s state of health not only contributes to overall wellness or functionality; one’s gut health is now crucial for one’s mental health.

With rooibos acting as a naturally caffeine-free and antioxidant rich base, the Gut tea in our Wellness range welcomes familiar ingredients with a twist. Our component of chicory root fibres, for example, contains soluble inulins which assist with the digestion of tougher, membranous inflammatories after peristalsis. Gut health has become an increasingly hot topic of discussion as the restoration of the microbiome is now evidently impacting overall stability of health, namely through the following:

  • Gut flora which stimulates dopamine and endorphin production
  • Cleaner bowel
  • Healthy bacterial development
  • Increased circulation of the body’s natural systems.

The quality of one’s life can now be completely altered by simply relooking at one of the most given factors of every human being – what we eat. Through our rigorous protocols and recipe development, we found that our addition of heat-resistant probiotics work in tandem to the non-stimulative, restorative benefits of soluble inulin found in chicory root fibres, the properties of non-abrasive cleansing fennel, and circulation improving spearmint.

Our most innovative ingredient by far, is the added probiotics which brought many challenges in development. Being a very sticky ingredient, the added probiotics proved difficult to incorporate into our recipes; alas, we found that our green rooibos behaved astonishingly well in flavour and functionality with dried probiotics after finalizing our recipe. Added probiotics allow for healthy, non-stimulative colony forming units of good bacteria to enter the mouth and re-colonize the gut to its required wellness. With a serving suggestion of 4 cups daily to best assist with functionality, we have found that this recipe is also safe for children upon incorporating into a healthy, consistent diet.