New kiddies cold brew tea range

Kiddies alert!

Our newly launched Carmién Kiddies Cold Brew tea range follows hot on the heels of our existing range of cold brew teas, a trend that has become a firm favourite among our Rooibos tea lovers in sunny South Africa. Cold Brew teas were specially developed to be used in cold water. Using cold water instead of hot water extracts more flavour, but slower, over time. The result? A smooth, cleaner tasting tea.

Cold brew teas are ideal lunchbox must-haves. Refreshing. Healthy. Convenient and so easy to prepare. Simply add teabag or two to a water bottle or travel cup, steep, and enjoy as a deliciously refreshing drink at home, doing sport or during lunch breaks.

More importantly, kiddies rooibos cold brew teas help reduce sugar intake as they contain no added sugar, only stevia leaf for natural sweetness. Carmién Kiddies Cold Brew Rooibos teas are organically grown, free of pesticides, offering parents a healthy alternative to sugary juices and fizzy drinks.

Most parents would agree it is challenging to reduce kids’ sugar intake, however the negative effects of sugar make it well worth every effort. The list of negative effects is long and ranges from causing stomach aches, lowering concentration and suppressing immune systems to causing diabetes, food allergies, eczema, learning disabilities in teens, and is even linked to asthma. Many moms also have to deal with hyperactivity aggravated by high sugar intake.

Rooibos Cold Brew Kiddies tea has many great health properties, including:

  1. high in natural anti-oxidants which boost the immune system
  2. rooibos is caffeine free and naturally sweet-tasting
  3. it helps to alleviate allergies such as asthma, hay-fever and eczema
  4. it has anti-spasmodic qualities alleviating stomach cramps
  5. it replaces essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc & sodium
  6. it’s soothing on the nervous system and therefore excellent for hyperactive children

The range consists of well balanced, sweet-tasting blends of rooibos and natural granulated flavours with finely cut dried fruit pieces which results in a quick brew, a colourful cup infusion and bold flavours. We offer a choice of three delicious flavours that kids (and adults) will love- Apple BlueberryPeachy Peach and Berry Watermelon. Available in boxes of 20 teabags, convenient single envelopes and bulk buy options.

Your kids will love this delicious recipe:

Cold Brew Ice Lollies


  1. Pour 200-250 ml room temperature water over
  2. 2 Cold Brew teabags of your choice
  3. Steep for 30 – 60 min to make a nice strong brew
  4. Remove teabags
  5. Pour into lollie moulds
  6. Freeze till set.

Optional: Add berries or fruit to the blend before pouring into moulds or for a sweeter option, add a little of your favourite juice or concentrate before freezing. You can also add some plain yoghurt before freezing for a more creamy lolly.

Note: Cold Brew Rooibos Kiddies teas are not intended for infants under 6 months of age.