Green Rooibos & Anxiety

In these stressful times of worldwide disease and war breaking out, the question arises: Does green rooibos lower anxiety levels?

Green rooibos is well known for its increased health benefit due to much higher levels of antioxidants (than fermented rooibos) which is said to be immune boosting and also considered to have a calming effect on both adults and children, specifically hyperactive children but does it really?

A recent study conducted at the University of Stellenbosch, has found that unfermented/green rooibos tea boasts multiple health benefits including reducing anxiety.

In this study, tested on Zebrafish, it was found that unfermented rooibos tea has many positive health benefits, including reducing anxiety. The use of Zebrafish in research is because they are genetically similar to humans. Zebrafish, which are from Malaysia, have replica genes of more than 80% of the genes known to cause disease in humans.

Professor Carine Smith, who heads the Medicine Research Laboratories at Stellenbosch University’s FMHS, said that it also has anxiolytic properties, which prevents or lessens the degree of anxiety a person experiences, making green rooibos even more desirable as a daily supplement.

With the WHO classifying South Africa as one of the most stressed countries globally, this study is significant for South Africans. The study also shows that rooibos can be considered a “functional brain food” and “may be a good option as a starting ingredient in developing new nutraceuticals”.

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