Back To School Essentials: Rooibos & Kiddies

For kiddies and parents alike, our rooibos tea range targeted at your young ones is soon going to be a staple for your pantry. Not only for hot tea time, but chilled in a water bottle or over ice! The benefits found in rooibos as a nutritional form of hydration extends beyond just flavour and caffeine-free enrichment. But, what exactly does our Kiddies range of teas entail?

Our Kiddies range of functional teas engage various ingredients on our base of rooibos, each with specifically researched commonly found occurrences that affect ailments such as lack of appetite, restlessness, inflammation, bloat, and even allergies. Our Kiddies Organic Rooibos is nature’s perfect drink for kiddies and babies, caffeine-free and sweet tasting with no added sugar, with no harmful treatment to the rooibos through pesticides. The Kiddies Sleepy Time tea with chamomile and tutti frutti flavouring assists with hyperactive kiddies before bed, and restless bodies with its active calming effect on the nervous system through chamomile flowers. Gentle flaxseed in our Happy Tummy assists with bloating and indigestion whilst rooibos naturally relieves common symptoms of colic, as it is an anti-spasmodic. Further in our functional Kiddies range is the Very Berry rooibos, which lightly stimulates appetite for kiddies that are transitioning to solid foods. These teas make a wonderful contribution to any kiddies lunchbox as the functionality does not sacrifice an ounce of flavour, which becomes a wonderful alternative to purchasing juices or fruit concentrates which are packed with sugars.

Our Kiddies Cold Brew range is also one of noteworthy innovation. It’s combination of real fruity chunks and low levels of stevia, paired with cold-water activated granules allows this rooibos to become a deliciously non-caffeinated, tasty drink for your child lunchbox prep. Simply adding cold water to our Berry Watermelon, Apple Blueberry, or Peachy Peach Cold Brew makes for a fantastically refreshing tea within 5 minutes of steeping. The presence of rooibos makes this a soothing tea for the little busybodies, as it naturally flushes toxins as well as inflammatories. Rooibos also supplements natural mineral replenishment through its presence of iron, potassium, zinc, and other crucial vitamins with its fruity bits.

Our rooibos teas are perfect for kiddies, and our offerings do not finish there! We offer incredibly durable and fun Kiddies lunchbags and waterbottles, making our offerings a one-stop-shop for your family friendly store, or for your next big shop before school. Get ready at home for back-to-school prep by browsing our online store, with traceably good products for a traceably good lifestyle.