6th AVPA Awards Nomination & Win for Carmién

The closer the year comes to ending, in true festive spirit it seems that we keep unleashing surprises – one of the most recent being our exceptional prodigy of accolade AVPA awards for three of our rooibos teas!

The prestigious Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products stated that three of our innovative rooibos blends received the ‘Gourmet Award’ for its ingenuity in flavour, as well as collection of ingredients. In ascension, our following teas won the designated award:

  1. Carmién Focus Wellness rooibos, Gourmet Award
  2. Carmién Orange Chamomile Fruit & Herbal Infusion, Bronze Gourmet Award
  3. Lize Mouton Collection Rose & Vanilla, Gold Gourmet Award

These awards are not only internationally accredited, but indicate the following to us about the food and beverage industry in terms of flavour profiles and credibility:

  1. The AVPA awards accreditation indicate that the need for diversely flavourful teas are becoming an expectation for tea producers to focus on, not just a niche.
  2. Wellness teas that are multi-functional are an avenue within the food and beverage industry that many consumers are seeking options in. This indicates that the consumers are seeking natural wellness solutions for chronic ailments or complications.
  3. Emphasis on clarity of ingredients are dealbreakers for consumers in the sense that a brand’s traceability is of utmost value when seeking differentiated necessity products.

We look forward to continually expanding our awards belts, and for the horizons that lay ahead for rooibos in the food and beverage industry!