Teas for specific purposes

Tea has certainly not lost its soothing, relaxing, ‘feel-like-it-can-solve-any-problem’ qualities, but it has definitely taken on increased purpose towards better health. We no longer just want that relaxing cuppa. It has to work for us (like most things nowadays).

Covid 19 made a huge contribution to the shift towards greater health awareness and what your cuppa actually can do for you. There is also an age group shift in enjoying tea. Tea is now consumed by young and old more as a mindfulness health aid and less for pleasure. The question is, which tea is best for your specific need and why?

Green tea and matcha (Camelia Sinensis) and rooibos or ‘redbush’ tea (Aspalathus Linearis), especially green rooibos are among the top 5 health teas listed and have skyrocketed in popularity showing up anywhere from health shops to coffee shops. All are rich in antioxidants which help stabilize harmful free radicals, a major cause of cell damage and chronic disease.

Rooibos research confirms its chemoprotective properties (reducing the incidence of inflammation, which is a leading cause of cancer). It is good for the heart, helps to control blood glucose, fights inflammation and reduces stress and anxiety. Scientists consider it a rich source of polyphenols, which are packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits, which can be used in the development of phytomedicines, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.

The recent funding will further enable researchers to delve deeper into Rooibos’ ability to:

  1. protect against Alzheimer’s disease which causes the brain to shrink and is the most common cause of dementia;
  2. target oxidative damage;
  3. prevent and/or manage inflammatory bowel syndrome;
  4. protect the heart from oxidative stress;
  5. reduce allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy) and;
  6. counter cardiometabolic diseases like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, insulin resistance etc.

Below are some Carmién rooibos tea blends for specific health purposes:

Sleep and stress aid

  • We live under overwhelming stress at times which leads to sleeplessness and eventually long-term stress-related diseases. Chamomile tea is a well-known relaxing and calming bedtime drink that helps soothe the stomach and digestion. Lavender also has a calming effect with natural cleansing and antibacterial properties which help with coughs and colds.
  • Carmién CBD rooibos blend is the perfect tea to help you unwind and restore calm by relieving anxiety and improving mood, sleep and insomnia.

Bloating and indigestion

  • Ginger tea eases indigestion, upset stomachs and bloating.
  • Combining rooibos with senna (a mild natural laxative) lemongrass and ginger helps cleanse the digestive tract and reduce bloating.
  • Rooibos, lemongrass and ginger with superfood moringa is a great way to restore digestion.

Immune support

  • Due to their high antioxidant levels, rooibos and green rooibos tea are naturally immune boosting but
  • added echinacea increases support and helps reduce inflammation and colds.
  • A Vit C  boost is especially good if you are feeling a bit under the weather.
  •  Rosehip is a good source of natural Vit C for days when your general health needs some extra support.

Healthy digestion

  • Mint is a classic digestive tea, fragrant, calming and very refreshing before or after meals.

Heart and joint health

  • Chai spices with turmeric are a powerful anti-inflammatory and a great blend to relieve arthritis, regulate blood sugar levels and promote heart health. Cardamom in this blend helps to relieve stomach discomfort and reduce gassiness.
  • Hibiscus has also been tied to cardiovascular benefits helping to regulate systolic and diastolic blood pressure — that is, blood pressure during and in between heartbeats, respectively.
  • Rooibos‘ anti-spasmodic properties also help to soothe the digestive tract and may also help to prevent and alleviate joint pain and arthritis, which tend to worsen during the cold winter months.

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