chronic conditions

Common Ailments, and How Rooibos Can Help

We all get sick sometimes, from the occasional sniffles to more serious chronic conditions. But what if there was a natural way to boost your body’s defenses? Rooibos tea, a South African herbal infusion, has been gaining popularity for its potential health benefits. Rooibos has been enjoyed for centuries, and recent scientific studies are catching…

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From Crop to Cup: Carmién Tea’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Carmién Tea isn’t your average rooibos brand. We’re not just a seller, we’re the whole package: cultivator, processor, packager, and exporter. This means you get your rooibos directly from the source – our rooibos farms are based in South Africa’s unique Cederberg region, one of the few places on Earth where rooibos thrives. Here’s what…

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carmien organic audit

Organic Quality Auditing at Carmién

Our team focuses on developing goodness experienced in the quality of our recipe development, flavour profiles, and combination of rooibos-based tea blends in our range. With that being said, our annual audits for organic production took place in March with astounding results. Our Quality Control manager, Ilze Bruwer, stated the following regarding our Organic Audits:…

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Chai & Rooibos

Our rooibos teas are naturally functional due to the nourishing, enriching ingredient rooibos is on its own. Honouring tea rituals internationally, we found that an equally beneficial ingredient (or rather, ingredients) is chai! What about chai tea is so enriching? Here are five health benefits when incorporating chai spices into a tea: chai spices such…

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carbon footprint

Alleviating our CO2 footprint

Our carbon footprint is very important to us and we monitor it yearly as we strive to reduce it each year. We are committed to sustainable farming and preserving the plant for the next generation.   Our CO2 impact has been alleviated by means of solar panels and the use of batteries to store excess…

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Women Upliftment at Mouton Foundation

The hands-on involvement from the Mouton Foundation allows for a nurturing environment for all. Specifically, female employees, beneficiaries, and bread-winners reap the benefits due to the supportive structures put in place through mobile clinics, educational seminars, and schooling for their children. The Mouton Foundation has facilitated the intern- and learnerships of 22 students that attended…

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Human Rights day

Happy Human Rights Day!

With the upcoming Human Rights day, we thought it best to share the caring work that we put back into our community through the Mouton Foundation. The Mouton Foundation is a philanthropic, active shareholder and upliftment arm within the Carmién Tea and Mouton Citrus operations. Many of the Mouton Foundation’s initiatives were put together in…

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Rainforest Alliance & Rooibos

The Rainforest Alliance certificate carries a lot of weight in the Food & Beverage industry. It has become an international insignia of sustainability, due to the initiatives centered round the mascot – a rare, red-eyed tree frog which is native to a protected region within the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance (from hereon referred to…

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Rooibos sterilisation machinery

As to ensure all cogs of a machine function well, we can attribute the success from our company not only to our employees, but to the actual machines we use for processing and sterlising! We offer full traceability of our products, right down to the day it was processed. The rooibos product undergoes the following…

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What’s the ‘tea’ differences? Tisanes & Tea

The talk about tea is now hotter than the cuppa you’ve brewed itself. As a fast-moving essential product, tea-drinkers around the globe have countless ways about their tea rituals. Many of whom find rooibos a foreign concept with a common question which we hope to answer: what exactly is the difference between black, green, and…

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