News from the Farm: January 2023

January is synonymous with rooibos harvesting, clearing the tea fields of unwanted weeds and cleaning all the machinery that will be used during harvesting. Scorching hot days make it very uncomfortable for workers to clean the fields. While some cooling rain in December brought relief and a last growth boost for the rooibos plants, it…

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reasons to detox

Key reasons why we should detox

A lot has been said about detox and we get lost in the maze of information out there, so it may be time to just highlight the key reasons why we should detox. Less fad and more fact. Less deprivation more inspiration. A thoughtfully planned detox gets rid of more than just excess weight. It…

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Why you should consider giving up caffeine

Staunch coffee lovers may balk at the idea of even considering giving up on that familiar energy kick that comes with a good cup of coffee. With or without milk, coffee has an increasing and very distinct allure. With that, too, the undeniable sociability of a quick coffee with friends or colleagues goes without equal.…

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Festive Season Greetings from our MD, Mientjie Mouton

We look back on yet another successful year with deep gratitude. With Covid still a reality, especially in the East, and the European war directly affecting our largest export markets, Germany and Japan, it is only with great thankfulness and humility that we report another year of good growth. We recognise our dependency on the…

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Our journey towards sustainable packaging options

Packaging has certainly not given up on its outward beauty but just like the fashion world, it has little meaning if it there is no inner beauty as well. From an attractive visual presentation, product packaging aims to leave a lasting impression on both customers and clients but as important as these first impressions are,…

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Teas for specific purposes

Tea has certainly not lost its soothing, relaxing, ‘feel-like-it-can-solve-any-problem’ qualities, but it has definitely taken on increased purpose towards better health. We no longer just want that relaxing cuppa. It has to work for us (like most things nowadays). Covid 19 made a huge contribution to the shift towards greater health awareness and what your…

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Carmién Tea expands to the USA

Carmién Tea, direct from the farm, is now available right on your doorstep in the U.S. 2021 saw significant increase in our USA footprint, building on the vision to see our own brand, Carmién Tea, on retail shelves in well-known retailers across the USA. To achieve this we approached the entrepreneurial, Texas based, brokerage and…

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differences between Red and Green Rooibos

Key differences between Red and Green Rooibos

What exactly is the difference between green rooibos and rooibos (red bush) tea? Could one be better than the other? Just as with black (Camelia Sinensis) and green tea, the difference lies in the processing. Both red and green rooibos comes from the same plant but rooibos(red bush) go through a fermentation (oxidation) process which turns the green…

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Gourmet Gold award

Our Nursing tea takes the gold at the AVPA Paris Awards

Need any more reasons to buy our popular Carmién Nursing Tea? We recently received the much sought-after Gourmet Gold award for our Nursing tea at the AVPA Awards. The AVPA (Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products) jury of professionals makes an annual selection from among the registered products to award products selected in each category,…

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Family Day

Taste the Good Life Cooking Classes and Family Day 2022

Our long-awaited family day with sponsors Teekanne (represented by Christian Bergmann), Carmién Tea and the Mouton Foundation present, finally took place this year on a scorchingly hot, though very typical, summer’s day at one of our largest community centres, De Meul. Due to Covid-19, the planned family get-together for permanent and seasonal workers was postponed,…

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