Teas for Women

An innovative range of Rooibos teas for women

As we near the end of Women’s Month, we realise afresh how far a simple cup of tea has come. Gone are the days when the only option was a classic cup of rooibos tea with either honey or with milk and sugar. The rooibos tea offering has expanded into flavoured blends, wellness blends, kiddies…

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It’s not often that one takes the time to consider all that is involved in providing just one woman with a sustainable job. Women’s Month brings awareness to a much-overlooked aspect of our business. The majority of workers at our packing facility are women, many of them women with children or single mothers who would be…

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These overnight oats are ideal to have on hand if you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to prepare breakfast. All the ingredients are thrown together and soaked overnight. Carmién Red Mocha rooibos tea with its real coffee bean nibs adds a wonderful coffee-like flavour to the oats while the Carmién Rooibos Powder with collagen…

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The women behind Carmién Tea: meet our teams

We are celebrating Women’s Day this year by introducing you to just some of the women behind our brand. Those cogs in the wheel that makes things turn without ever being seen by the public. Words are never enough but we know that as these words go out into the world, the many of you…

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The women behind Carmién Tea: Mientjie Mouton, Founder and MD

With one driver and a blue bakkie she went from store to store to get orders and deliver those between the two of them, waiting in long queues, hidden behind huge delivery trucks. Then it was suitcase in hand, off to major rooibos buying companies overseas, fighting the solitary road to large, consistent orders when…

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Spring is in the air

There is no better way of welcoming spring than with a red velvet cake decorated with vibrant wild flowers. To complement the cake, enjoy a flavorsome cup of flower rooibos tea with it. For my special flower cake, I choose the Floral Berry from the Carmién Tea pyramid tea range. RED VELVET BERRY TEA CAKE…

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Khoi and San TK Levy Payout

The indigenous Khoi and San people of South Africa, the first people who used the rooibos plant as a tea, signed a groundbreaking agreement with the South African government whereby they will benefit from the commercialisation of Rooibos.   As of 2019 a levy of 1.5% of the farm gate price of all rooibos tea…

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August 2022

News from the Farm – August 2022

  It is planting season on the farm which means rain is first and foremost on our minds. There has been very little rain which is disconcerting. Late rain not only prevents the newly planted seedlings to settle and thrive but also results in the seedlings still at the nurseries becoming too established to successfully…

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Moon Milk

Calming Moon Milk

Suffering from stress and insomnia? Take a new look at a cup of warm milk. An age-old remedy for new generation stress. Many of us grew up with a glass of hot milk and honey in the evening to help us sleep better. Forward a decade or more and milky drinks are once again a…

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How to combat sun damage with Rooibos

With Europe experiencing its second-warmest June on record since 1979, the record-breaking temperatures are causing vast numbers of people to visit coastal areas and rivers leading to an increased risk of water safety incidents. Health issues are not only limited to people vulnerable to extreme heat but may also lead to potentially serious illnesses or…

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