Deluxe nutty wholewheat rusks

There is no better way to unwind than taking a moment to sit down for a good cup of rooibos and enjoy it with a nutty rusk that you can dunk into it. Carmién Tea is known for their innovative tea blends and quite new in the range is their Calm rooibos tea – a…

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Rooibos – more than just a cup of tea

If you are still enjoying Rooibos only as a tea, it is time to meet the expansive world of Rooibos-derived products. Highly beneficial, a superfood backed by science, and ever–growing in its many uses ranging from wellness to cosmetics, to foods, to wine and other alcoholic beverages. Rooibos leaves, stems and powder (dust) are used as…

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Trends in the private label retail market

Private label sales have been steadily moving upward since 2016. In fact, it showed its highest growth during lockdown which begs the question as to why it has been gaining such continued momentum in the retail market. Financial challenges resulting from the pandemic have led to consumers consciously seeking the best value for their money.…

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Private Label Offering

The growing demand for private label in South Africa reflects the trust that has been built with customers in favour of private label. At the same time, the demand for private label rooibos blends corresponds with the increasing awareness of rooibos tea and its multiple health benefits, plus a greater prioritization of self-care and healthy…

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Coco Pine

NEW Coco Pine Cold Brew Rooibos Tea

Who would have thought that we would ever think of cold tea as a great alternative to our much-loved hot cuppa? The cold brew trend swayed coffee lovers but did it really influence tea drinkers? One would naturally think that a cold brew tea range would find great favour in our hot South African climate…

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Teas for Women

An innovative range of Rooibos teas for women

As we near the end of Women’s Month, we realise afresh how far a simple cup of tea has come. Gone are the days when the only option was a classic cup of rooibos tea with either honey or with milk and sugar. The rooibos tea offering has expanded into flavoured blends, wellness blends, kiddies…

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It’s not often that one takes the time to consider all that is involved in providing just one woman with a sustainable job. Women’s Month brings awareness to a much-overlooked aspect of our business. The majority of workers at our packing facility are women, many of them women with children or single mothers who would be…

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These overnight oats are ideal to have on hand if you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to prepare breakfast. All the ingredients are thrown together and soaked overnight. Carmién Red Mocha rooibos tea with its real coffee bean nibs adds a wonderful coffee-like flavour to the oats while the Carmién Rooibos Powder with collagen…

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The women behind Carmién Tea: meet our teams

We are celebrating Women’s Day this year by introducing you to just some of the women behind our brand. Those cogs in the wheel that makes things turn without ever being seen by the public. Words are never enough but we know that as these words go out into the world, the many of you…

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The women behind Carmién Tea: Mientjie Mouton, Founder and MD

With one driver and a blue bakkie she went from store to store to get orders and deliver those between the two of them, waiting in long queues, hidden behind huge delivery trucks. Then it was suitcase in hand, off to major rooibos buying companies overseas, fighting the solitary road to large, consistent orders when…

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