Happiness and Rooibos Tea

Can rooibos tea be key to health and happiness? The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our lives. It has fundamentally changed the way we live, dress, work and interact with each other. It has also forced us to hit the reset button and question what makes us truly happy. To get a…

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Flavoured Rooibos Teas for the Family

Spend some quality time over a delicious pot of flavoured rooibos tea. The Easter holidays are approaching and that means quality time with family and friends. This year is a little different from last year, as we can make plans and have get-togethers with our nearest and dearest again. In celebration, we have put together…

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Carmién Celebrates Successful Rooibos2Muisbos: Post Event Press Release

Carmién Celebrates Successful Rooibos2Muisbos MTB Event Words by Seamus Allardice. The 2020 Rooibos2Muisbos by Carmién cycling event brought over 900 riders to the Piekenierskloof area, on the 14th of November. Taking part in three events, over two distances, they were treated to cool weather, spectacular scenery and warm hospitality by a region eager to welcome…

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Rooibos2Muisbos 2020 by Carmién Tea: Press Release

The annual Rooibos2Muisbos event takes place on Saturday 14 November. Join Carmién as we welcome mountain bikers to Piekenierskloof. Written by Seamus Allardice The second edition of the Rooibos2Muisbos mountain biking event is excited to have Carmién Rooibos Tea as title sponsor for the 2020 event and is set to showcase the hidden beauty of…

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  For Mandela day we teamed up with the Mouton foundation putting together winter care packages. Each package consisted of body wash, a blanket or slippers, a wash cloth, baked goods and tea. These packages were delivered to the elders in our community. We are grateful for the great work the Mouton Foundation is doing…

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Carmién Tea goes cycling

Ever heard of 2 boxes of flower teas becoming famous? Well, it’s something like that. First, they became the base blends for our Carmién Rooibos gins. Then we redesigned the boxes to match our unique G & Tea experience, bought our own pyramid machine (beautiful blends need beautiful teabags), and 2 teas became a whole…

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THE CONSCIENCE OF CARMIÉN TEA Every company knows the value of matching the right person with the right position. More than that, a person who truly shares the vision and values of your company. Madele Mouton, recently appointed to the Fairtrade Africa Board ( as representative for Southern African countries, has the same heart for…

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Taste The Good Life Project: Cooking Competition & Winners

Taste The Good Life Project: Cooking Competition & Winners

The Taste the Good Life Project between Carmién Tea and TEEKANNE has made a positive contribution, not only to those who participated in the cooking competition but to the entire community. Greater awareness has been created towards healthy living and healthy cooking – a foundation that we can only build on from here. We have…

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Rooibos in a time of COVID-19: Feedback from Arbor Primary School

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt lives all over the world, we are trying to uplift and share the goodness of Rooibos with communities around South Africa to add a little joy to their days. Increasing research support evidence that rooibos is more than just a tea. It, in fact, delivers a significant and valuable health…

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Teas of the World

Carmién Tea wins at the 4th Teas of the World Contest

Carmién Tea wins at the 4th Teas of the World Contest For the first time ever Carmién Tea entered the prestigious 4th Teas of the World Contest, hosted by AVPA, the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products. The awards ceremony took place on the 19th of October 2021 in Paris and was broadcasted worldwide….

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Woman's Day


The Mouton Foundation in collaboration with CANSA and the department of Health has hosted a Woman’s Day event on the 25th of October with a focus on breast and cervical cancer awareness. A total of 10 pap smears and about 22 breast examinations were done on the day to eliminate and pick up risk factors…

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Training and Development: FIRST Lego League Challenge

As part of our training and development program, we registered our kids in the First Lego League (FIRST South Africa) program played by children all across South Africa, whereby they get an Ipad (for the robotic programming) and lego blocks for the building exercises. The program started in October and is ongoing. The main aim…

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Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings from Mientjie Mouton and Carmién Tea

Seasons Greetings from Mientjie Mouton and Carmién Tea It is with a sense of quiet gratitude that we look back on another year with its own very unique challenges. It’s in times like these that we appreciate relationships so much more – not only as family and friends, but even more so as colleagues, suppliers…

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Who is Carmién?

Who is Carmién?

There is much more to the story than meets the eye. Not only is Mientjie Mouton the founder and managing director of the rooibos tea company, Carmién, she is also one of twins and this is a tea journey that bears repeating.   Recently, local Landbou Boerekos magazine published an article about the rooibos journey…

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Rooibos2Muisbos 2021

Rooibos2Muisbos 2021 The annual 1-day mountain biking Rooibos2Muisbos event sponsored by Carmién shed its baby shoes this year by becoming a seeded event drawing some top cyclists. The beautiful scenic route that passes through various local farms were slightly shortened and once again, due to lockdown, the event was moved from its winter date to…

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Functional rooibos

Functional rooibos wellness products to support health goals

Functional rooibos wellness products to support health goals Every New Year tempts us with new resolutions but the best thing we can do for ourselves to achieve any goal, is to establish good health habits. We firmly believe that our rooibos wellness range is an excellent vehicle to help you reach your health goals, improve…

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How we grade and prepare Rooibos tea

How we grade and prepare Rooibos tea Carmién Tea’s story started in 1998 on the foothills of the South African Cederberg mountains. The narrow 60 000 hectare belt along the West Coast of South Africa is the only place in the world where Rooibos tea can be grown. Read more about the recent Rooibos GI…

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Carmien Tea & Mouton Foundation Projects

Carmien Tea & Mouton Foundation Projects Carmién Tea actively supports community development on shareholder’s farms and is also committed to women- and childcare in the broader community through its partnership with Ubuntu Citrusdal. Carmién also assists community development projects in the poor township area of Citrusdal through an organisation called HUG (Help Us Grow). Flooding…

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Carmién Rooibos Gin

Carmién Rooibos Gin Who would have thought that gin would be having an influence on tea sales? Our Carmién gins have been going from strength to strength and with them our rooibos teas. Why teas you may ask? Well, we have come up with our own unique G & Tea experience that has been wooing…

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News From The Farm: Harvest Season

News From The Farm: Harvest Season We are not unfamiliar with high temperatures during the harvesting season but somehow this year seems to have had one heatwave after the other, all the more reason why our workers start harvesting as early as 5 am already. Of course, the rooibos plant is very hardy, with a…

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Rooibos Babies


ROOIBOS AND ITS BENEFITS FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS As a dietitian I often get asked the question if it is safe to give Rooibos tea to a baby? And the answer is without a doubt, yes, from the age of 6 months old! Rooibos tea has many health properties and is a completely caffeine free…

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Rainforest Alliance Standard

What does the new Rainforest Alliance Standard (and Seal) mean? The recent changes to the RA programme promises even more improvement in Providing a Path to More Resilient and Inclusive Agricultural Practices. The Rainforest Alliance Seal guarantees: Improved livelihood for producers, farm workers, their families and communities. Prevents deforestation, promotes reforestation, protects biodiversity, and mitigates…

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News from the Farm: March 2022

As our harvesting season is drawing to a close, older tea fields are in the process of being cleared so that oats can be planted to restore the soil biome. Our estimated rooibos yield per ton will be in the region of 2,5 ton per hectare. The good rains and cool weather conditions we experienced…

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Stress & Anxiety: Rooibos, Camomile and CBD to the rescue

Stress and anxiety rate amongst the top issues of our day, leading to sleeplessness and various other chronic illnesses if experienced over a prolonged period of time. Many are familiar with intermittent disturbed sleep, body aches, anxiety and irritability, but these lead to increased stress when they become chronic. Common stress symptoms: Irritability and difficulty in…

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Youth Week

Studies show that the majority of high school students do not know what they want to do after school. Just growing up, fitting in and getting an idea of who they really are is tough and overwhelming enough. Still many have their parents pick a career path for them only to find later that it…

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Pet Food

NEW: Rooibos Pet Supplement

The innovative possibilities of rooibos simply exceed the imagination. Rooibos has evolved from being just a hot tea to iced teas, from foamy red cappuccinos to cold brew rooibos to rooibos distilled gin. Carmién Tea surprised the market with two very popular rooibos distilled gins so it just goes without saying that we should not…

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Innovation and Product Development at Carmién Tea

What sets Carmién Tea apart as a preferred rooibos brand? Apart from bringing our customers rooibos direct from the farm, grown socially just and sustainably, we have one key element that consistently brings us rave reviews and several international awards. “Our innovative, flavourful and functional rooibos blends underpin our aspiration towards a life of health…

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Tea pairings

Carmién Rooibos Experiences

Tea pairings have been around since day one when man had a need for something sweet with a hot cuppa. From tea and scones to tea and cake, what was once seen exclusively as a ‘tea time’ beverage has become quite the popular choice to pair with anything from chocolate to sophisticated fine dining dishes, also leading to the emergence of…

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Rooibos Tourism

The Rooibos region is experiencing an influx of tourists as a result of the recent protected designation of origin (PDO) certification. As the first African food to be approved by the EU, its PDO status joins the ranks of foods such as gorgonzola, Parmigiano-Reggiano, feta, cognac and champagne which can only be labelled as such if they come from…

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Youth Day 2022

Youth Day is close to our hearts for many reasons but most importantly because we are committed to empowering our youth for the future. Every year Carmién Tea, through its social upliftment arm the Mouton Foundation, celebrates Youth Day by reaching out to needs in our community teaching our children to share and care, instilling…

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rooibos route

The Rooibos Route

Since Rooibos was awarded PDO status interest has grown in leaps and bounds in this uniquely South African product with tourists now looking for more than just the tea. They want to visit rooibos farms, learn about the history, tea culture and heritage of rooibos. This interest has unfolded a new leaf in rooibos tourism and made the rooibos route one of the…

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News from the Farm: June 2022

Winter is a time when we go into hiding, away from the cold weather, but for the rooibos plant this is almost like a ‘coming out’ ball. Lots of little seedlings are being planted in anticipation of their big show a year later when they will be ready for their first topping. In many ways…

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Khoi and San TK Levy Payout

The indigenous Khoi and San people of South Africa, the first people who used the rooibos plant as a tea, signed a groundbreaking agreement with the South African government whereby they will benefit from the commercialisation of Rooibos.   As of 2019 a levy of 1.5% of the farm gate price of all rooibos tea…

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The women behind Carmién Tea: Mientjie Mouton, Founder and MD

With one driver and a blue bakkie she went from store to store to get orders and deliver those between the two of them, waiting in long queues, hidden behind huge delivery trucks. Then it was suitcase in hand, off to major rooibos buying companies overseas, fighting the solitary road to large, consistent orders when…

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The women behind Carmién Tea: meet our teams

We are celebrating Women’s Day this year by introducing you to just some of the women behind our brand. Those cogs in the wheel that makes things turn without ever being seen by the public. Words are never enough but we know that as these words go out into the world, the many of you…

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It’s not often that one takes the time to consider all that is involved in providing just one woman with a sustainable job. Women’s Month brings awareness to a much-overlooked aspect of our business. The majority of workers at our packing facility are women, many of them women with children or single mothers who would be…

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Private Label Offering

The growing demand for private label in South Africa reflects the trust that has been built with customers in favour of private label. At the same time, the demand for private label rooibos blends corresponds with the increasing awareness of rooibos tea and its multiple health benefits, plus a greater prioritization of self-care and healthy…

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Deluxe nutty wholewheat rusks

There is no better way to unwind than taking a moment to sit down for a good cup of rooibos and enjoy it with a nutty rusk that you can dunk into it. Carmién Tea is known for their innovative tea blends and quite new in the range is their Calm rooibos tea – a…

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Carmién Tea expands their offering to Thailand

Central Food Retail Company Limited (CFR) is the largest supermarket chain in Thailand operating since 1996, and is one of the business units under Central Group operating supermarkets in six different formats. The company seeks only the freshest of both local and international products sourced from the World’s best origin to be the No.1 in…

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Sial Paris

Feedback from SIAL Paris

It is always inspiring to attend SIAL Paris, especially for its insights and research on worldwide consumer behaviour and expectations, food trends and new food concepts. This year was of particular interest in terms of the industry’s transitions and key issues emerging post-COVID. (Most exciting is when you realise that your company is on trend…

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Rooibos benefits for your pets

Who would have thought that rooibos, generally touted as beneficial for the whole family, includes the furry ones in the family too! Yes, rooibos is as good for your pet as it is for you. This uniquely South African herbal tea, often called red bush tea, is increasingly being used in dog treats, pet food…

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Feedback from our recent travels

Recent Carmién Tea travels included visits to Biofach in Germany, Foodex in Japan and Gulfood in Dubai, the one place where the world gathers annually to source from an unrivalled F&B product showcase, handpicked from every corner of the globe. Gulfood 2023 hosted a record 5000+ exhibitors from over 125 countries, unveiling new business opportunities….

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Celebrating World Nurses Day

In January 1974, 12 May was chosen to celebrate International Nurses Day as it is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Together with our community development arm, the Mouton Foundation, we celebrate the work the Foundation has done to bring professional and easily accessible nursing care to our farm workers…

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News from the Farm: June 2023

A freezing cold winter has hit the Western Cape with a vengeance and power outages and flooding remain the order of the day. Citrusdal, often cited as the gateway to the Rooibos region, seemed central to the floods of heaven with the road that leads into the village being swept away and the bridge left…

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Carmién Tea product expansion in the USA

The Carmién Tea footprint in the USA is growing steadily and serving our vision to see our brand on retail shelves throughout the US. It is always encouraging to find that our product ranges and future developments align with market trends. A recent visit has led to new retailer opportunities, deeper future product penetration and…

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Rooibos MTB

Rooibos MTB by Carmién

Bright red banners led the way as the Rooibos MTB by Carmién event kicked off its maiden race on a super cold morning up on the Piekenierskloof Mountain Pass. The brave, the fearless, the inquisitive, the dedicated workers and organisers, and spectators were there, huddled in tents or around open drum fires sipping the now…

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Mediterranean Taste Awards

Carmién takes gold and silver at the Mediterranean Taste Awards

There is much to be said about finding a niche market and developing customized products to suit their needs but we are constantly left speechless by the one Rooibos tea blend that keeps on surprising us with its steady successful penetration of a very niche market, breastfeeding moms. More so, as the world is chasing after…

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Global Beverage Trends

According to Finlays, the notion most felt in recent Global Beverage Trends is that consumers “treat themselves, coupled with concern for their health, and that of the planet, is driving the trend toward conscious consumerism,” (Finlays, 2023). With this in mind, household product producers have been seeing a gradual increase in necessity shopping. For us…

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Pantone Colour Trends for SS24: Rooibos Tea

In the early days of September, Pantone announced the New York Fashion Week’s most-anticipated SS24 colours. With a surprise that had South Africans giggling internationally at the familiar term, the number 1 colour to look out for has been said to be ‘Rooibos’. To remain true to the description, the ‘Rooibos Red’ Pantone has been…

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Seasons greetings from Mientjie Mouton

Our festive greetings to all – especially those that love the red theme of Christmas and follow it through drinking the delights of rooibos! As the responsibilities of the year as well countless workers enter their much-anticipated vacations, we are faced with an undeniably exciting fact that all can share enthusiasm for – the end…

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Back To School Essentials: Rooibos & Kiddies

For kiddies and parents alike, our rooibos tea range targeted at your young ones is soon going to be a staple for your pantry. Not only for hot tea time, but chilled in a water bottle or over ice! The benefits found in rooibos as a nutritional form of hydration extends beyond just flavour and…

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Rooibos sterilisation machinery

As to ensure all cogs of a machine function well, we can attribute the success from our company not only to our employees, but to the actual machines we use for processing and sterlising! We offer full traceability of our products, right down to the day it was processed. The rooibos product undergoes the following…

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Human Rights day

Happy Human Rights Day!

With the upcoming Human Rights day, we thought it best to share the caring work that we put back into our community through the Mouton Foundation. The Mouton Foundation is a philanthropic, active shareholder and upliftment arm within the Carmién Tea and Mouton Citrus operations. Many of the Mouton Foundation’s initiatives were put together in…

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Women Upliftment at Mouton Foundation

The hands-on involvement from the Mouton Foundation allows for a nurturing environment for all. Specifically, female employees, beneficiaries, and bread-winners reap the benefits due to the supportive structures put in place through mobile clinics, educational seminars, and schooling for their children. The Mouton Foundation has facilitated the intern- and learnerships of 22 students that attended…

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