Rooibos & Immune Health

Rooibos & Immune Health

Ongoing anxiety stemming from COVID-19 will continue to push consumers toward prioritizing their immune health according to the latest Innova Trend Report. Their studies have shown that 54% of consumers globally say that, due to COVID-19, they have spent time educating themselves on ingredients and procedures that can boost their immune health and are looking for personalized nutrition with products tailored to their individual lifestyle, beliefs and needs.

This coincides with the trend towards plant based foods. As producers and retailers we have to take cognizance of the negative connotation consumers still have in terms of the taste and texture of plant based food and offer products that are pleasing in terms of flavour, taste and mouth-feel.

This remains the main consumer immune health focus going forward:

  1. Prioritizing health
  2. Boosting immunity
  3. Feeding the microbiome

Diversity in plant based innovation are becoming mainstream in drinks, powders, functional teas and chronic needs such as stress relief. Especially pertinent to Carmién Tea is that we meet a significant part of consumer needs with our rooibos tea products. Firstly rooibos is plant based, it has a host of well researched benefits, in particular, boosting immune health being naturally high in antioxidants and minerals. There is proven evidence that consuming 6 cups of rooibos tea a day adds significant health benefit. Tea is also an easily accessible, common staple in almost every household.

Apart from our general range of naturally immune boosting rooibos teas, we have come a long way in offering highly effective, functional Carmién Teas that help with the consumer need for better sleep and improved physical health, are a plant based and high in nutrients:

Boost– an immune-boosting rooibos tea blend with added, echinacea, ginger, vitamin C and zinc to help combat winter colds and flu.

Meno – a rooibos tea blend with black cohosh, ginseng, moringa and raspberry leaf providing menopausal support, helping soothe menstrual cramps and relieve hot flushes.

Calm– a THC-free rooibos tea blend with passion flower, lemon balm, lavender and cannabis sativa that helps calm anxiety, improves mood and improves sleep and insomnia.

Nursing– a rooibos tea blend with fennel, fenugreek and aniseed especially formulated to stimulate and increase lactation.

Cleanse– a rooibos tea blend with lemongrass, ginger, mint and senna to help cleanse the digestive tract.

Our calming range of rooibos with added camomile to aid sleep remain one of our most popular product ranges: Relax, Sleepy Time for kiddies and Orange Camomile.

A recent introduction to our range of plant based foods are two immune boosting rooibos powders that are 100% plant based and ideal for adding to smoothies, shakes or over cereals.

Carmien Green Rooibos Powder– rooibos powder with added echinacea, baobab and moringa.

Carmien Rooibos Powder– rooibos powder with added collagen and turmeric.

There are multiple benefits to using our rooibos powders:

  1. High in antioxidants
  2. Vitamin and nutrient rich
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Excellent immune boost
  5. Regulates blood sugar levels
  6. Alleviates allergies
  7. Supports joint and bone health
  8. Improves the digestive system health

“Carmién Tea brings you rooibos direct from the farm, grown socially just and sustainably. Our innovative, flavourful and functional rooibos blends underpin our aspiration towards a life of health and wellbeing for all”. Mientjie Mouton, founder of Carmién Tea.