Rooibos awarded Protected Geographical Indicator (GI) Status by the EU


We have a great cause for celebration! Not only has our much-loved indigenous rooibos finally been registered as a geographic indicator (GI) and awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status by the European Union (Regulation (EU)No 1151/2012), but it is also the first African food to achieve this status.

What does this mean? GIs are designed to protect the names and authenticity of specific products to promote their unique characteristics, linked to their geographical origin as well as to the know-how embedded in the region, legally protecting them against imitation and misuse.

It also specifies only 16 regions within the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa where Rooibos can be grown and be called Rooibos Tea. At Carmién Rooibos tea our farms are spread across these areas and, together with our long-term contracted producers, we are ensured to obtain Rooibos from all the different specified regions.

All Carmien Tea Products are made with Rooibos Tea, which means “Red Bush” in Afrikaans. The unique location of Rooibos Tea, plus the fact that it is naturally caffeine-free, high in antioxidants, and numerous other health benefits, has gained it much international popularity.

Apart from our presence in the local South African retail market, we already have an established footprint internationally with retail listings and several private label and bulk clients globally. In the Eastern markets, our best sellers include Organic Natural Fermented Rooibos and Green Unfermented Rooibos Tea which has even higher anti-oxidants than normal rooibos tea and in some cases even higher than traditional Green tea, already well-known in the East.

All Carmien Rooibos Tea products, local and exported will now also carry the PDO logo ensuring them that they are buying certified rooibos that is being produced in the above-mentioned areas that we source from.

View the certificate here.