Fruit & Herbal Infused Rooibos Tea Combo Pack, 60 Count


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The Carmién Rooibos Tea Fruit & Herbal Variety Pack includes a unique combination of tastes and flavors in beautifully designed boxes with tagged pyramid teabags showing off all the elements of each blend. Pyramid herbal rooibos teas are for the tea connoisseur who loves top quality rooibos leaf tea not just for flavor and taste, but also for the ritual and beauty involved. An ideal gift to celebrate any occasion.

  • Carmién Citrus Chai is a flavorsome combination of rooibos and a lightly spicy, chai blend.
    • Chai spices were used since ancient times to heal the body and promote heart health. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory tea that helps relieve arthritis.
    • Visually pleasing in beautiful pyramid teabags with calendula flower petals adding a yellow color.
    • An excellent tea to serve with wine and food.
  • Carmién Tropical Burst is a slightly sweeter blend of rooibos and tropical fruits with a delicious summery hint of mango.
    • Licorice root acts as a natural sweetener.
    • Excellent as an iced tea.
  • Carmién Floral Berry is a blend of rooibos, hibiscus, lavender, and rose petals with fruity forest berries.
    • Hibiscus provides a slightly tart taste and a pinkish cup infusion.
    • Lavender and rose petals in beautiful pyramid teabags add to the beautiful visual experience.
    • A calming fruity drink.

Preparation Instructions: Rooibos Tea Fruit & Herbal Variety Pack

Hot tea: Place 3 teabags in a teapot with 800 ml boiling water (for a single 250 ml serving use 1 teabag). Steep 5-10 min. Allow the tea to cool. For optimal results, preferably consume without milk, sugar or honey. Best enjoyed at 60°C.

Important notice: Take care while working with boiling water.

Ice Tea: Hot brewed tea chilled makes a delicious ice tea. Natural fruit juice may be added if preferred.

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81 in stock