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Taste The Good Life Project: Cooking Competition & Winners

Taste The Good Life Project: Cooking Competition & Winners

The Taste the Good Life Project between Carmién Tea and TEEKANNE has made a positive contribution, not only to those who participated in the cooking competition but to the entire community. Greater awareness has been created towards healthy living and healthy cooking – a foundation that we can only build on from here. We have…


Taste the good life

Carmién Tea and TEEKANNE Community Project: healthy lifestyle awareness and education. November 2020 saw the start of our ongoing joint community project between Carmién Tea, TEEKANNE and the Mouton Foundation. The goal of the project is to promote healthy nutrition and raise awareness for living a healthy lifestyle, not only for Carmién Tea employees but…


Carmen Niehaus x Carmién Tea Rooibos Cooking Boxes

Carmen Niehaus exciting new Rooibos Tea Cooking Boxes will show you step by step how to make rooibos part of your spice cupboard. Well-known chef and cookbook writer Carmen Niehaus has been a Carmién Tea partner for many years, developing delicious recipes with rooibos. Carmen grew up on a farm and this is where her…

Green Rooibos

Carmién’s range of Green Rooibos products

Carmién’s range of Green Rooibos products Green Rooibos is an excellent flavour carrier which makes it a great vehicle for our wellness and infusion ranges. Green Rooibos does not go through the fermentation process which turns the green leaves into the well-known reddish-brown colour, therefore it is higher in antioxidants and of course in benefit.…


Processes and Quality Guarantee

PROCESSES AND QUALITY GUARANTEE Our Carmién rooibos tea farms are spread across the 16 Rooibos GI-certified regions of South Africa, where we obtain high-quality rooibos from our long-term contracted producers. The entire process from growing the product in the fields to developing the best taste and flavour are all controlled by strict processes and measures.…

Green Rooibos

Green Rooibos and Health

GREEN ROOIBOS AND HEALTH The worldwide popularity of Rooibos is not only due to its unique location and sweet taste, but its multiple proven benefits. Green Rooibos has a higher polyphenol content and therefore higher antioxidant levels than fermented Rooibos tea. The antioxidants in Green Rooibos are potent enough to measurably elevate antioxidant levels in…

Green Rooibos

Green Rooibos: From Crop to Cup

GREEN ROOIBOS: FROM CROP TO CUP Carmién Tea is not only renowned for being a marketer and exporter of Rooibos but as one of the only brands that are the producer, processor, and marketer/exporter. Carmién supplies Rooibos tea directly from the farm in South Africa as we are based in the unique Rooibos region (60…


The History of Rooibos

Imagine sitting around a campfire sipping a cup of steaming hot rooibos tea on a cold night, listening to stories from long before you were even born. Unknown pioneering people coming alive in the flickering flame, giving you a renewed appreciation for what is in your hand. Such is the story of rooibos. An accidental…


Implications of the Rooibos GI/PDO certification

What does it mean to be GI/PDO certified? The excerpts below explain the technicalities behind the certification, and why it is so important for our product and for South Africa. Protection of the name ‘rooibos’ The name of ‘Rooibos’/’Red Bush’ can only be used to refer to the dried leaves and stems of 100 %…


Rooibos awarded Protected Geographical Indicator (GI) Status by the EU

We have a great cause for celebration! Not only has our much-loved indigenous rooibos finally been registered as a geographic indicator (GI) and awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status by the European Union (Regulation (EU)No 1151/2012), but it is also the first African food to achieve this status. What does this mean? GIs are…