News from the Farm: January 2024

Our News From The Farm this month is one that excites us to the core – our rooibos harvest is finally upon us!

According to our farm personnel, our harvest this year is beautiful, yet the yield is slightly less, because of dry conditions and no rain from after the spot rain and floods in June 2023. The quality of rooibos remains reliable. The farmlands are showing beautiful, sweet-smelling rooibos about to be cut, making its way via tractors to our factory. There, our team expertly ferments, dries, and cuts into various lengths to produce our distinguishable varieties. But, why do we ferment rooibos?

Machine cut and bruised rooibos undergoes a natural fermentation process. Natural enzymes in the rooibos plant participate in the oxidation of phenolic compounds during fermentation, allowing the leave cuttings to change from green to an amber (red brick) colour.

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