News from the farm

Rooted in the fertile South African soil, Carmién Tea operates according to current ethical values with full traceability and a direct link to the farm, our eco goodness promise. Through good agricultural practices, we create a sustainable model that conserves the vitality and diversity of the Earth.

With this year’s good and even late winter rainfall, the expected rooibos harvest yield will be much more than the previous year’s harvest. It is imperative to assist our producers in taking good care of their tea fields, not only for a good yield but to ensure good quality rooibos too. Our quality team visits producers throughout the year, giving advice on good agricultural practices as well as accreditation assistance.

The export market, especially to the EU, is becoming very strict on pesticides and other contaminant residues. With good rainfall also comes weeds. Cleaning the fields during the year, especially before harvest, is therefore of utmost importance. Weeds are removed by either hand or machine, with the use of pesticides being the last resort.

Watch the videos below to see the cleaning process in action.