New developments & products

Our clients are constantly looking for healthier and more convenient ice tea options. The idea to develop a ready-to-drink ice tea came about, with fresh hot brewed rooibos and reduced sugar as the product base. This gives us the advantage over other ice teas in the market that are loaded with sugars and only a small % rooibos extract added.

We started off with a 340ml glass bottle with a trendy, fresh label, designed by our creative in-house design team. Plastic-free was also a big focus for us, so we decided to do glass bottles and launched a trial with two flavours namely Berry Blast and Apple.

new developments

We even went further and brought out a ready-to-drink ice tea in a 200ml can in our most popular flavour. This small compact can is easy to transport, making this a perfect product to consume at sports events and markets. We recently sponsored the Rooibos2Muisbos mountain biking event, where the ice teas were handed out to the riders as a refreshing finish to the race. It’s the perfect way to stay hydrated on the go!

We believe this ongoing development has great future growth potential. Keep an eye on our social media channels and blog for updates.

ready to drink can