The Mouton Foundation in collaboration with CANSA and the department of Health has hosted a Woman’s Day event on the 25th of October with a focus on breast and cervical cancer awareness. A total of 10 pap smears and about 22 breast examinations were done on the day to eliminate and pick up risk factors among our people.

The morning was introduced by Madele Mouton (Corporate Responsibility) and an inspiring motivational talk was given by Nella-Marie Venter who has walked a difficult road of faith recovering from breast cancer. After a demonstration of a basic breast examination, questions were answered explaining the need for the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine that is administered with positive results in the prevention of HPV infections and cervical precancers.

Tea and cupcakes were served and after being examined each received a gift hamper from Carmién Tea consisting of a pack of Woman Support tea and a double walled travel cup to encourage hydration and regular intake of rooibos tea with its multiple health benefits.

The rest of the morning was spent on the various tests and examinations for which each person had a specific time slot. Only two ladies had to go for further testing. Feedback on the day was very positive and has exposed a need for hosting more such awareness creating events. Both CANSA and the department of Health have offered their continued support in such events which is a great help in our commitment to ensure the best health education for our workers and their families.