Global Beverage Trends

According to Finlays, the notion most felt in recent Global Beverage Trends is that consumers “treat themselves, coupled with concern for their health, and that of the planet, is driving the trend toward conscious consumerism,” (Finlays, 2023). With this in mind, household product producers have been seeing a gradual increase in necessity shopping. For us tea producers, it means the breakpoint for offering variety and quality, as well as environmental consciousness.

Rooibos (otherwise popularly known as ‘redbush’) is a red-tinged tea that is uniquely grown in South Africa. With our processing at Carmién, we ensure that we tick all boxes that are significant for consumers in 2023. We focus on a diverse product range with cost-friendly price points, kilojoule-free drink that can be served hot or cold, and most importantly – a non-stimulative drink that replenishes the body just as much as it does the soul. A plethora of trendy infusions and flavour profiles couple with the consumer trends as stated by Finlays, which we’ve found soaring positive results in within the local as well as international market.

‘Affordable luxuries’ are not only a favourable way to position household products, but a hard-hitting fact of the current global economic climate. The pandemic hit countless enterprises right in the centre, with local markets feeling the brunt of consumers expanding to international fast-growing chains, especially within the hospitality industry where face-first interaction service interaction determines sales conversion. This cycle of interaction-supply-demand is essential for tea companies, with emphasis word-of-mouth for tourists that drive our once-thriving South African economy. Inflation targets and widens the divide between an already deeply discouraged society, what with reoccurring power outages affecting the storage of fresh produce.

With long shelf life, Carmién’s rooibos includes mindful and mood-boosting drinkers as well as selective spenders, with our offerings that remain true to local innovation without the forfeiture of taste. Rooibos itself is a wellness drink, within which we have expanded the ways of consuming health beverages with a Wellness range as well as an Fruit and Herbal infused range made with authentic ingredients. Furthermore, we changed our tea pillow-bags to a more biodegradable option which tie into our Community Development Projects supporting a sustainable working practices, especially on a farm.