Cold Brew Rooibos Teas

Cold Brew Rooibos Teas

A few years ago slightly controversial research claimed that sugar is more addictive than cocaine (and the sweet tooths among us may agree), yet we continue to consume way too much sugar, let alone hidden sugars. Fact remains, too much sugar has definite negative effects.

Most parents would agree it is challenging to reduce kids’ sugar intake, however the negative effects of sugar make it well worth every effort. The list is long and ranges from causing stomach aches, lowering concentration, suppressing immune systems to causing diabetes, food allergies, eczema, learning disabilities in teens, and is even linked to asthma. Many moms also have to deal with hyperactivity aggravated by high sugar intake.

Our flavoured Carmien Cold Brew teas are a great alternative to sweet fizzy drinks that contain large amounts of sugar. What’s more, it gets brewed in cold water which makes it even more perfect for children and helps them to drink more water. All it takes is popping a deliciously, naturally flavoured Cold Brew teabag into a bottle of water, steep and enjoy.

Cold Brew teas are specially developed to be used in cold water. Using cold water instead of hot water extracts more of the flavours, but slower, over time. The result? A smooth, sweeter, cleaner tasting tea which brews in 10-30 minutes (if a stronger brew is desired).

Carmien Cold Brew teas are refreshing, well balanced, sweet-tasting blends of rooibos and granulated flavours with finely cut dried fruit pieces which results in a quick brew, a colourful cup infusion and bold flavours. No sugar is added, only natural Stevia leaf, making cold brew tea a much healthier option and great for lunchboxes.

Rooibos itself is naturally sweet-tasting, caffeine free, loaded with antioxidants which boosts the immune system and excellent for hyperactive children as it has a soothing effect on the nervous system.

We have three equally popular flavours to satisfy every taste bud. They are available in packs of 20 and in single envelope offerings.

  • Carmién Apple Mint is a delicious burst of crisp apple flavours with a hint of mint. Ingredients: Spearmint, Lemongrass, Green Rooibos, Citric Acid, Apple Flavour, Stevia.
  • Carmién Cranberry Hibiscus is a refreshing, well balanced, sweet-tart blend of berry flavours with dried berry and hibiscus pieces. The beautiful pink-red infusion adds to the enjoyment. Ingredients: Forest Berry Blend, Apple, Elderberries, Hibiscus Flowers, Rosehip Shells, Blackberries, Acai Berry Powder, Cranberry Flavour, Stevia.
  • Carmién Apricot Blossom is a fruity, sweet-tasting blend of apricot, apple, hibiscus and rosehip. Ingredients: Rooibos, Forest Berry Blend, Apple, Hibiscus Flowers, Rosehip Shells, Apricot Flavour, Stevia.

Your kids will love this delicious recipe:

Cold Brew Ice Lollies


  • Pour 200-250 ml room temperature water over
  • 2 Cold Brew teabags of your choice
  • Steep for 30 – 60 min to make a nice strong brew
  • Remove teabags
  • Pour into lollie moulds
  • Freeze till set.

Optional: Add berries to the blend before pouring into moulds or for a sweeter option, add a little of your favourite berry juice or concentrate before freezing. For pink yoghurt berry ice lollies, just add some plain yoghurt before freezing.