A Skincare Routine You Can Drink

Rooibos Anti-Ageing

As many rooibos (alternatively, redbush) drinkers know, this tea delivers countless health benefits through consumption that assist with overall wellness. Extra nourishment through naturally occurring minerals, proficient hydration with gentle caramel taste; best of all, the component that ages us all is not present in rooibos – caffeine. With these components combined, scientists have now made strides in the field of skincare research, indicating promisingly that rooibos may assist with anti-ageing properties due to its composition of minerals which protect preadipocytes.

This daunting term is essentially a fatty cell which degenerates over time, frequently linked to age-related disease as well as fat displacement of the body (such as cheek fat dissolving with age, making skin sagginess presenting wrinkles). The conclusion is that rooibos (specifically green and non-fermented rooibos) naturally reduces the rate at which one’s body ages internally due to hydrating anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and minerals which are currently investigated for optimal absorption to prove best application. As we know, rooibos is consumed through drinking it as tea – but this can also be applied through dermal absorption! The conclusions are yet to be finalized for efficacy as per the Rooibos Council states in their article, “Anti-aging breakthrough: Scientists discover rooibos’ unique anti-ageing potential“.

In summary – if you’re looking to slow down the presence of wrinkles on your body, start drinking a few cups of rooibos today; luckily, our catalogue has a broad variety for you to choose from! Simply click here to browse our rooibos. And to stay in the loop of innovation of rooibos, be sure to keep an eye on our blog section.


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